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NFL - Opening Day Live Thread - Cowboys vs. Giants

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Wednesday night football... What's next, Tuesday night Cricket? Welcome one and all to not only the beginning of the 2012 NFL season, but the end to our off season misery! Tonight we see if Tony Romo can overcome being... Er, huh Tony Romo? This is actually a key game for the Cowboys, who will be in a tough fight all season long in the NFC East. One win against the Giants last season, and the Cowboys fate - let alone who would have been in the Super Bowl - would have changed.

The Giants could use a positive start out the gate this season, and their head coach Tom Coughlin would appreciate a less dramatic year too. He ain't getting any younger, and not having to fight with fans in New York who'll scream each week for his head on a platter would be a nice change of pace. It's time guys, so get the bucket of Buffalo wings ready, and tune in the 50 inch LCD just right. It's NFL time!