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The NFL Season Is Kicking Off: Cowboys at Giants

This is it, folks….the 2012 NFL regular season is upon us. The Dallas Cowboys travel to New York New Jersey to take on the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

This one counts, and the Win and Loss columns will have their first tallies of the season. This NFC East matchup should be a great start to the season. The Giants have proven that they're perennial contenders, and the Tony Romo and the Cowboys continue to strive to make their way to the top of a very competitive division.

Welcome back, NFL. You've been missed. Who ya got tonight?

Jason Witten is active for tonights game, and Tony Romo's security blanket should see plenty of action, despite a ruptured spleen. Romo's got plenty of weapons that he can utilize this evening. In the Rams preseason game, where the Dallas Cowboys moved the ball with ease, they were without the aforementioned receiving threat, as well as Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. None will be missing action tonight against a stout Giants D.

Eli Manning, and the rest of the Super Bowlers, come into the season thinking they're somehow an 'underdog' team that no ones really paying much attention to. Sure, big brother went to Denver, we've got a few rookies looking to mimic that of Cam Newton's rookie season, and about a million other story lines, but let's be honest…the Giants are just a capable of making the big game this season as last. Ahmad Bradshaw is only lightning now, with Brandon Jacobs in San Francisco. Will David Wilson be able to step in and help carry the load? Get your DVR ready…you may be able to record a free salsa lesson if Victor Cruz finds the end zone. The Giants D was elite in 2011…can they possibly be better?

How's your fantasy squad looking? Got any of these guys in tonight? Let's hear it!