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Random Ramsdom, 9/5: Fresh Starts

Are the St. Louis Rams ready for a fresh start against the Detroit Lions?
Are the St. Louis Rams ready for a fresh start against the Detroit Lions?

Fresh starts. All 32 NFL teams get a new lease on life this week, starting with the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday night. The standings are all set at zero, four teams in four divisions in two conferences are all tied for first place. If you buy into the idea of fresh starts, this is your time.

The St. Louis Rams might be getting the freshest start of all with a new head coach and a fresh coat of paint to give it the sheen of competency.

Some fresh links for a fresh start after the jump.

Wayne Hunter is getting a fresh start in St. Louis.

Fresh starts are all a player needs, if you buy the talking points the feed to the media. Sometimes new environs do help a player. Then again, pass rushers charging the offensive line in St. Louis are going to look very much like pass rushers charging the line in New York.

Jeff Fisher is giving the roster a fresh look.

Will at Rams Herd takes a look at the roster moves Friday through the weekend. Within those moves Fisher reveals a preference for talent over all else. A simple idea, but one that plenty of coaches and front offices eschew.

Rams Real Talk

Still trying to make sense of the preseason and what it means for the St. Louis Rams? Aaron Hooks has you covered, taking the preseason results and putting them into some useful context for you. Especially important: how the team can win back its fans.

Steven Jackson is still a fantasy football threat.

There used to be a few fantasy experts that thought the addition of Isaiah Pead would cut into Jackson' fantasy value. Then the preseason happened. It's safe to say that SJ39 is going to be seeing the field more than a few times during games. The Rams offense revolves around him.

Detroit's secondary is a primary concern ...

... for the Lions. Louis Delmas' status is still shaky for this week's game, though injury reports are due Wednesday. If the Rams can effectively use quick passes and get some inspired line play against a tough Detroit front four, they could have some success. Be sure to read this take on the Lions' soft underbelly.