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TST Roundtable: Are You Worried About Sam Bradford?


Do you smell that? The NFL is right around the corner, tomorrow the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, are kicking the season off in what should be a good game.

But once that game is over, all attention will obviously be on our Rams (at least on this site). So to get ready for the Rams season opener, I asked my fellow writers, here at TST, their opinion on five topics that span between today and Saturday.

The first topic up for discussion is Sam Bradford. So, everyone is worried about Sam Bradford to a certain extent. Rather it's, because he hasn't developed as well as we thought, or because of the surrounding factors, there's no reason not to be concerned.

With that being said, after the jump, the writers give their opinion on Bradford.

VTramsFan Twitter handle @PeterDunbar

Yes I am. I realize he has had no protection and very little weapons, but many quarterbacks have been in the same situation or less, and done much better. I think the real issue with Sam is the fact he has been passed around to as many offensive coordinators as a dubie at a Grateful Dead concert. I think he'll still be inconsistent early in the season, with hopes he can find consistency as the season wears on.


Worried? Yea, a little bit. Sam just doesn't exude the confidence that I wish he would. Maybe that's just his demeanor, but as the leader of our offense, it'd be nice to see him step up with determination and poise. Wear a tinted visor if you're going to look defeated

Tevin Broner Twitter handle @T_Bron

I been worried about Sam, but recently I decided that there's a chance that he could have a career like Eli Manning. I'm worried that he hasn't developed much, but I don't think this year should be his breakout year. Sometimes it takes a QB a while. If you look around the league, every young QB that's progressed has had at least one good to great wide receiver. That's a great confidence builder, but since Sam doesn't have that we will see how he develops. But if he looks bad in 2013, then it might be time to move on.

Rick Siegel, Twitter handle @RSiegel81

Honestly, I am. The key point that tends to be made by people who aren't worried is how good he was in 2010, and 2011 was an anomaly. However, 2010 actually wasn't a particularly good season either. We all got so caught up in the first decent Rams team in so long that we overlooked Sam's deficiencies and blamed them on him being a rookie. The bottom line is through two seasons, Sam has completed 57% of his passes, has a QB rating of 74, has 21 interceptions to just 24 touchdowns, and has thrown for just 300 more yards than Drew Brees did last year alone. I'm certainly still hopeful, but I think this is a make-or-break year for Sam, and if he doesn't show something special, the Rams will be looking for a new QB at the top of the draft.

Josh Wehrle Twitter handle @jmwehrle

I wish I wasn't.

Joe Mazzi Twitter handle @Joe__Mazzi

Only a little bit. Obviously, he needs to improve, but I feel most of the concerns surrounding him stem from the offensive line and receivers. Eliminating the 7-step drops and deep throws of McDaniels' playbook will help mask the shoddy pass protection, while the wide out unit has actually been revamped to a degree. Just having Danny Amendola back is huge. I expect Sam to retake the step forward that he lost last season; however, he won't be making many Pro Bowl ballets.

Eddie P Twitter handle @iAmMrEddieP

Na, the dude is set. He has a pretty good bank account to fall back on after the porous o-line derails his pro football career.

3k Twitter handle @3k_

I am. He never writes any more. He's become so distant, so...cold. I sent him a pair of socks for Lughnasadh and he didn't even send a card. I'm definitely worried.

Seriously though, I wouldn't say I'm "worried" about him. I'd say that I'm hopeful that he can build off the kind of performances we saw in year one, the performances we saw against Kansas City and Dallas this preseason, and continue to develop a rapport with this WR corps. I'm optimistic in that sense, but the reality is we've seen him make plays. I'm more worried that there will be factors in place that will hinder his ability to make those plays that are out of his control, like the offensive line, playbook and defensive incapability to hold field position last year.

Papapegasus Twitter handle @GirlsOnWehrls

Yes. I know it's a beaten horse with most, but three coordinators in as many years is a big deal. Bradford has had to deal with sub par receiver talent with the exception of Brandon Lloyd. The quarterback is fortunate to have Steven Jackson in the backfield, otherwise we could have another David Carr on our hands. All that said, I believe Bradford will do great things in this league, but his time is running out. Another season of being beat up every Sunday, and he will become a gun shy bust.

DouglasM Twitter handle @Thenovelroad

While there may be valid reasons for Sam's career so far being a series of peaks and valleys, I see disturbing problems for our franchise quarterback. He still has the worst play-fake I've ever seen at the NFL level. His tendency to be slow in his receiver check-downs is going to cost him as many sacks as the offensive line will. Sam has the arm to be an elite passer. I think his QB coach has addressed a few issues from last season, and it's possible it just a matter of implementing what he's learned and foregoing bad habits that cost him dearly in 2011. I haven't lost faith in Sam Bradford, yet I increasingly find myself wondering about his decision making? It may not be fair to say this is a make-or-break season for Sam, and though it may not be in his coaches eye, it will be for a great many fans.

Brandon Birkhead Twitter handle@birktothehead

Yes, how can one not? He has taken so many hits over the last couple of season, and his play was poor last season, even when considering the WRs he played with and the protection he recieved. I no longer think he will be an elite QB in the NFL, but can he be good? Can he be above average? Is he simply average? Is he below average? I don't know, and nobody else does. This is a huge year for him.

Mike Dietrich Twitter handle @dvond

I missed the email to the writers but I am very worried about Sam, his inability to not go through progressions and stare down receivers, also his reliance as throwing so much to Amendola

So, do you agree with the writers? How do you feel about Sam Bradford? Please feel free to comment.