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Jeff Fisher Displays Coaching Brilliance as Rams Defeat Seahawks

It's been a long time since Rams fans can say that our head coach out-coached someone however, today that's exactly what happened.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In a game that that started out with the Rams getting literally gutted on the ground and from a scrambling QB, the Seattle Seahawks jumped out to an easy 7 point lead on their first possession, leaving many thinking, "here we go again". At times it looked like it was 11 on 9 with Seattle running at will.

But not so fast. The Rams made a crucial adjustment. Realizing the run defense was non-existent, CB Jenoris Jenkins was brought into the box as a QB spy, and an extra run defender. Yes, the Seahawks still somewhat gashed the Rams on the ground, but that strategy led to many stalled drives, or drives ending in 3 points versus 7. Pure brilliance.

Also just before the half with 40 seconds remaining, the Rams sacked QB Russell Wilson deep inside Seahawks territory on a big third down, and as the Rams defenders were celebrating, you could see Fisher calling a time-out in the background. What? No kneel down and head into halftime satisfied with a 3 point lead? Nope.

Sure enough, the Rams got stellar field position after a bad punt, which led to 3 points, and a 6 point lead going into halftime. Brain power.

It's clear after today's game, that Jeff Fisher knows how to coach, and we have a phenomenal game manager. Look out NFL West. The Rams are capable of winning on any given Sunday, not only by talent, but on pure coaching alone.