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St. Louis Rams - Quick Five

Let's take a look at the players who starred in the Rams win today. This was definitely a "team win" in the truest sense of the term. The Rams' bench played key rolls, with freshly off double secret probation Austin Pettis adding in as well. While much can be made of Seahawks miscues, the fact the Rams forced many of the situations can't be readily argued.

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Let's start with the biggest up arrow I could find for Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein. This kid is just this side of a kicking freak. I take more steps hitting out of a sand trap than young Greg does before he kicks the ball. Simply amazing leg strength, and the possibility he'd actually pop a football someday isn't out of the question. I can hear the "BOOM" when he strikes the ball all the way out here in New Mexico...This is a very special young man, and he's taking some of the heat off of the offense once they cross mid-field.

Robert Quinn is turning into a pure defensive end beast. He was against a very good left offensive tackle today in Russell Okung, and he had him on his heals or frantically wheeling around to stay with him all day. If Michael Brockers ever develops a pass rush, the right side of the rams defensive line will be unstoppable on passing downs.

Danny Amendola caught six passes for 55 yards, and one for a touchdown on the fake field goal. Many might not think this was such a great day. You'd be wrong. Danny drew coverage unlike any receiver the Rams have had since guys named Bruce and Holt wore the Blue n' Gold. His biggest contribution to the Rams is the increase in his yards per catch this season. Remember 2010 when he caught all those passes for two or three yards? This season, he's averaging 11.8 yards per catch. He averaged 9.2 yards per catch today against the Seahawks.

The Rams defensive secondary is the most improved part of this team. I honestly believe this secondary - barring injury - will be in the top five secondary units in the NFL this season. Janoris Jenkins started the year out as a talented rookie. He's already exceeded anyone's expectations. He's playing tough, physical football, while staying fluid in his coverage. He's the closet thing I've seen to Deion Sanders in coverage since Mr. Neon retired.

Sam Bradford played well, but his check-downs and the time he holds onto the ball is still a concern. He showed why Jeff Fisher is so high on him when he lofted the 52 yard pass to Givens. He hit eight different players with passes today, so he's spreading the ball around well. I've never seen an NFL quarterback who's so tied to his offensive lines' play quality. Most quarterback have mobility to help compensate for a big pass rush. Sam is pretty much "pocket-locked". As he gains confidence in his line, I think he'll improve on his 2010 numbers.