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Cortland Finnegan Has a ‘Bad’ Habit…Sorry, Russell Wilson

There are few certainties in the NFL, but Cortland Finnegan is making believers out of Rams fans. He’s definitely earning his paycheck, but is he also earning the respect of the opposition? They may learn the hard way...

Dave Reginek - Getty Images

There are things - both in the NFL and in life in general - to hope for, and others to chalk up to certainty. With the Rams, at least in the recent past, there seems to be more hoping than chalking. Whether times are changing or tides are turning, that hope has become something almost tangible. The Rams, under new management, have put together a [if not, soon to be] respectable product, in an increasingly tough NFC West.

You can look at the start of this season in a variety of ways, and it’s all predicated upon your belief that things are indeed turning around. I’ll admit, it’s sad to think about how Week 4 could mean tying the win total from 2011…but the thought remains. And if/when it happens, then what? Will my aspirations for a rise from mediocrity gain strength? Can the Rams remain undefeated at the Edward Jones Dome? Then will the already-peaked interest of the Rams faithful grow louder, amongst a beautifully mustached crowd? The gauge would move from hopeful to confident at an alarming rate…

But just because there’s a new product on the turf - with shiny new coaches to match - doesn’t mean that there aren’t certainties wearing blue and gold. I’m a firm believer that a strong running game, coupled with a stout defense, will win games in the NFL. Who doesn't? Oddly enough, in 2012, it’s the Rams defense that seems to be keeping them in games, while their tried-and-true running game [lead by future HOFer, Steven Jackson] seems to be an anomaly. But let’s stick to the good stuff…The certainty!

They - whoever they may be - say that 'it takes 30 days to form a habit.’ It’s becoming more a reality than an adage. The Rams began their season on September 9th, and since the initial kickoff in the Motor City, one thing has become habitual: The Cortland Finnegan Interception.

Whether it be 5000-yard passing quarterbacks with options named ‘Megatron,' a hurdling rookie with the potential to join the elite, or…eh… Jay Cutler, the Rams secondary has had no easy task in limiting it’s opponents in their aerial attacks. One could easily point out how those teams have no running game, but let’s face it - those guys want to air it out. Enough about them. What do those three QB’s have in common? The answer is: a completed pass to Cortland Finnegan.

Five years - $50 million... Sounds like a lot, eh? It is a lot. It’s a lot of deserved money too. The former pro-bowler has earned his paycheck through the first three weeks of the 2012 NFL season. Call him ‘dirty,’ call him whatever you want - he’s a Ram. Finnegan has been a catalyst for a very young defense, who feed off of his charisma, physical play, and veteran presence. It’d be easy to go out every Sunday and acquire a nickname…it’s much more difficult to earn the respect and admiration of fans.

Week 1: Calvin Johnson is seemingly wide open. Life as a QB is a little easier when you’ve got the best WR in the NFL. Throw it Matt…see what happens.

Week 2: I’m not even sure why this wasn’t a designed run play for RG3. Isn’t every play? Regardless, Fred Davis isn’t as open as he thinks

Week 3: Brandon Marshall is waking up from an apparent nightmare, because…

… Cortland Finnegan is a habitual ball catcher. He can snag it six yards into coverage, or he can grab-n-go for six points. The fact of the matter is he’s going to catch it.

I’m sorry, Russell Wilson, but you won’t be the first rookie QB that he’s frustrated this season. To be frank, you won’t be anywhere near the best. Just know that it’s nothing personal. It’s not a matter of if with Cortland, it's more a matter of when you get picked off...

He’s the one with the ‘bad habit.’ I’m just the one supporting the hell out of it…

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