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St. Louis Rams nearly had Danario Alexander back on the field

The St. Louis Rams almost got to see Danario Alexander back in action this Sunday. The NFL’s agreement with it’s real officials dropped any chances of that coming to fruition

The St. Louis Rams were so very close to having Danario Alexander back on the field for them this Sunday…but in a different capacity than he normally would. While awaiting a call back from Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Bills about a potential contract to play wide receiver, DX has exhausted all efforts to stay gainfully employed in the NFL.

Little did you know, but Danario was scheduled for a return to the Edward Jones Dome to be a replacement referee for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Known for his ability to drop a ball that hits him directly in his hands, the NFL was asking that he use his eyes to pinpoint when players who have the same affliction allow the ball to hit the turf. Additionally, they would ask that he identify pass interference calls. At that time, he would grab his yellow flag, and then - you guessed it - drop it.

DX possesses the type of speed that the league needs in order to get up and down the sidelines for approximately 25% of the plays. While he rests up from the physical tolls that running takes on his body, the remainder of the plays would be called by this guy. Unfortunately for DX, the NFL and it’s officials reached an agreement late Wednesday night, which has freed up his schedule for Sunday. It’s a shame, because I was honestly looking forward to see him back in St. Louis. The replacement refs, however, were given ample opportunity to prove that they could manage games effectively, and they failed miserably. I suppose you could say they ‘dropped the ball.’

There is still hope for DX in the NFL, as there will be plenty of teams…hold on, his phone’s ringing. The Caller ID reads ‘Chang Ailey.’ Whoops…dropped call. Who would’ve thought?