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St. Louis Rams - Oh T.E., Where For Art Thee?

The amount of time Sam Bradford scrambles for his life is increasing each week. A weaker than most offensive line has placed Bradford under siege due to injuries to his primary protectors. The only possible way for Sam to decrease the number of times he's slammed to the turf is to get a pass off within a few seconds. Danny Amendola has been an effective outlet for quick, or even last ditch chance, passes. The Rams wide receiver corps has had very little success gaining separation in their pass routes. What to do, oh what to do?

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Wait a minute! Isn't there a position on the field called - Tight End? I'm sure there is, because a guy named "Gronk" made the position seem kind of cool. He scored points - caught passes in droves - and dated porn stars if I'm not mistaken? Call me crazy, nuts, or author... But I think the Rams should hire one of these "tight end" persons. The Rams have people holding the tight end roster spot(s) right now, I'm sure of it. There's a space-saver guy named Lance Kendricks (who sounds like a porn star?), and another guy named "do over", I mean Mulligan. One even got hit in the chest by an errant pass in an end zone recently. He was so shocked to have caught the ball, I'm pretty sure he wasn't even supposed to be there...

There is a genuine need for the Rams to find a solution at the tight end position. Amendola will be double teamed off the line into the near future. Single offensive weapons don't really work out well. If you don't believe me, ask Steven Jackson, whose been the one round in a single shot offense for some time now in St. Louis. Without the fear of being blocked, defenses will dial up blitzing packages to hurry Bradford. Two seconds - three at the outside - and they'll be on #8, driving him into the ground.

If Rams general manager Les Snead is going to make a foray onto the waiver wire, he may want to pause a few minutes in the tight end section. Kellen Winslow Jr. just took his leave from the New England Patriots. I have no idea what his injury situation is right now, but I'm pretty sure the former first round pick can catch a pass. The Rams need to find someone to add to Sam Bradford's short pass pattern options. I think taking Chris Givens, and creating a second slot receiver offensive set wouldn't be a bad idea either. For the Rams to succeed, even minimally, they need every receiver option they can find to at least have a chance of making a play. Kendrick looks gun shy to me, and Mulligan looks like the only time he gets open is when teams just decide he so slow he doesn't matter. Using tight ends to major in pass blocking is a double edged sword at best. Sure, they increase the amount of time Bradford may have in the pocket, but they also aren't available to catch a pass either. Chip blocking you say? Sure, they can make quick chip blocks, then run short patterns. But they need to be able to catch whatever pass is coming their way, and I'm not all that positive the current Rams tight ends can do that with any degree of regularity.

It's time to add some talent to the tight end corps, and sooner would be better than later.