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Random Ramsdom for Friday 9/28/2012

Your Friday edition of Rams news - astute fan based observations- and various links to feed your football addiction. Read on at your own risk ladies and gentlemen.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

TGIF Folks! Another week is in the books, along with another addition of Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network. The Cleveland Browns brought their rebuilding project into Maryland to play the high flying, yet ground pounding Baltimore Ravens. Does anyone even have to guess how this one turned out? Cribbs was injured early on and ruled out for the rest of the game from a hit that popped his helmet off a la Matt Schaub. That didn't slow down the Browns however, who saw a glimmer of their future with some tough play from the whole team. Cleveland 16- Ravens 23 was your final. Here is your recap from NFL Network. The next few days will be filled with nail-biting, interweb scanning, and just plain anticipation until kickoff Sunday afternoon.

The Rams are making their final preparations for a visit from the Seattle Seahawks. It looks like Steven Jackson is a go for Sunday, although he has yet to show in live action that his hammy is 100%. Honestly though, I'd take a 80-90% Steven Jackson over most of the backs in the league.

The Seattle Seahawks bring in one of the best defenses in the league as of this writing. Check out this, and this for more on the chicken's ball hawking, quarterback sacking defense.

The front office of the Rams continues to add memory patches to the quilt of the offensive line. Raider castaway Joe Barksdale was claimed off of the waiver wire yesterday as noted here by RVB. While Ram fans may not swoon at the signing, he will add depth at a position thinner than Lindsey Lohan on a 72 hour juice fast. Scary right?

Will the Real Refs Please Stand Up?

The Replacement Refs basically got a standing ovation last night. Just wait til Ed Hochuli and those biceps step onto the field. Glad to have them back. Now let's play some football.

Brockers To Break In

Speaking of thin positions, the Ram's defensive linemen are on the mend, led by tackle Michael Brockers. He has been practicing and studying to be ready for Sunday action. Who knows what limits head coach Jeff Fisher will place on Brockers, but surely just having him in the rotation will bolster a run ravaged line. Brockers occupies space very well, and has raw power to push into the backfield. Paired with fellow tackle Kendall Langford, the Ram's defensive line will hopefully see some improvement over weeks past.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Time

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has released it's preliminary list of those being considered for induction into the hallowed Hall in Canton. Here's hoping this is the year Ram Aeneas Williams comes off of the holdover list and makes it into the hall.

Total Randomness:

Come On Man!

While I would never proclaim to be the smartest person in the world. I can honestly say that I would ever be so dumb as to allow someone to draw any of these on my body. I hope you share that sentiment.

Fresh, Not Frozen

I'm not one to complain about poor service. Usually I will just not return to the establishment in question, or simply get up and leave, tossing some money on the table like this guy, and head out of dodge. When it comes to medical procedures however, we don't always have a choice on where we go or who we see. Here's hoping this hospital isn't any place you have to check into anytime soon.

Replacement Ref Interview

A Little Motorhead

Happy Friday once again Ram fans and have one hell of a weekend! GO RAMS!