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Why aren't the rams' rookies providing a spark to the offense?

The St. Louis Rams drafted 5 offensive players in the draft last April, besides a 7th round pick, the other rookies haven't touched the game field much So why don't the Rams throw them out there and let them develop on the fly?

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When the St. Louis Rams drafted their rookies this year, there was a great deal of hype surrounding them. Most of it was because of the Rams stagnant offense, which ranked 31 out of 32 teams in 2011. They just didn't have any game changers, besides Jason Smith, who was known to allow a key sack or two ...

So when the Rams drafted Brian Quick and Isaiah Pead early in the draft - at positions the team really needed to upgrade - there were parades, parties, and even the occasional baby being named "WR".

Then the pre-season happened, and instead of the two early round picks making an impact, it was 7th round pick Daryl Richardson. Richardson beat second round pick Isaiah Pead to become Steven Jackson's back up. And he's looked damn good in limited action, rushing for 119 yards on 21 carries. He's looking like the speed back the Rams hoped Isaiah Pead would be this season.

Rok Watkins could have been starting - because of all the offensive injuries - if he too weren't injured and placed on I.R. It will be interesting to see how the first offensive lineman drafted by the new era will turn out. Before his injury, he looked like a good run blocker, but poor in pass protection.

The other rookie who has a chance of providing a spark for the Rams offense is Chris Givens.

Givens can stretch the field, but he and Bradford haven't connected deep yet. The potential for the big play is with there. The team brought him in to be that "deep threat guy".

There's a chance that he could be the blue and gold version of Torrey Smith; a player that the team needs to jump start the offense. We will see. Maybe Fisher should have played him against Justin King in the preseason to launch his career. It worked for Torrey Smith in 2011, didn't it?

I was really high on Isaiah Pead. I recall pounding on my little wooden desk, and screaming that the Rams should take him in the 2012 NFL draft. Now I'm hoping I'm right. Honestly, I think Pead might have gotten a little relaxed, and lost the chip on his shoulder he had while playing for the University of Cincinnati.

Now that he's a 3rd string running back, I expect him to be a speedy, but physical running back. Will that happen this year? I doubt it, but this will give him a chance to work on his receiving and pass blocking skills, since those skills were average at best during his time in college.

I'm sure deep down the majority of us thought that Brian Quick needed some time to develop. He needs to work on his routes, and maybe the Rams will be forced to play him if the team's other wide receivers don't get it done.

Honestly, I just don't see him beating out any of the wide receivers on the roster right now. He will be a better asset in the red zone, but until he can run better routes and get used to catching quick passes, don't expect to see much of Quick. I do have a feeling that he will be rushed onto the field sooner rather than later if the Rams wide receiver woes continue.

Which rookies on the roster are you most pleased with? Which ones have been a disappointment?