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Come tailgate the Rams game with Goodbye June this Sunday

Goodbye June, who made the video with Jeff Fisher as one bad ass cop, is having a party at the Dome this weekend.

Come and tailgate with Goodbye June at the Edward Jones Dome this Sunday before the St. Louis Rams game. You know who they are. They're the guys who turned Jeff Fisher into a bad ass cop who doesn't take too kindly to some punks littering in his town.

What's so awesome and frightening about it is that the crooked cop tough guy version of Fisher feels the same as the coaching version. Cool, calculating, ready to strike.

Just look:


Bad. Mother.

Alright. check out the video below.

The party is happening outside the Dome and it starts at 10am ... just in timed to get nice and tuned up to watch the real bad ass Jeff Fisher chase the Seattle Seahawks through the cornfield, blood lust in his eye, there to right the wrongs of Monday night, but more importantly because he likes to do this, it's in his blood, he lives to win ...