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NFL Week 4 picks: Not even close

The St. Louis Rams aren't finding very many takers this week.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The St. Louis Rams were upset darlings last week. That's not the case for Week 4 with a home game against the Seattle Seahawks. Over at Fox Sports, national columnist Peter Schrager isn't giving the Rams much credit this week, not after what happened at Soldier Field.

Seattle at St. Louis: I watched last week's Chicago-St. Louis game in its entirety and came away with three conclusions about the 2012 Rams: 1. They have a zillion receivers on their roster, and not one is a legitimate threat on the outside. 2. The offensive line is downright horrendous. 3. Sam Bradford's career is like a line dance you'd do at a southern wedding - he takes two steps forward, then almost always takes three steps back the very next week. The Seahawks defense - like their NFC West counterparts in Arizona and San Francisco - is young, fast and incredibly deep. They'll give Bradford fits. Meanwhile, I'm midway through writing a 4,000-word handwritten letter of apology to the Seahawks front office for questioning the Bruce Irvin first-round pick. He's the real deal.

The pick: Seahawks 24, Rams 19

That's still a pretty close score, all things considered. This has to be a bounce back game for the Rams. Sure, they're over-matched on paper, but they really need the gut check in front of a rowdy home crowd this week.