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Greg the Leg has a date with the record books

The St. Louis Rams rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein is kicking his way into history.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

St. Louis Rams rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein has a date with the record books. He hasn't gotten there yet, but he's close. His 56-yard field goal last week in Chicago, of all places, was one yard short of the franchise record set by Jeff Wilkins in 1997.

Jeff Fisher knows Greg the Leg is special.

"Bironas has got a very strong leg," Fisher said of his long-time kicker with the Titans, "but I've not seen anybody like Greg."

56 yards is impressive by any standard, even when Greg the Leg makes it look like a mere chip shot from a few feet off the green. The Post-Dispatch had a few of his more notable kicking numbers in a post on Wednesday:

• 74: longest kick he made in practice.

• 58: Longest field goal in a game at Missouri Western.

• 56: Longest field goal at Pius X High in Lincoln, Neb.

• 51: Longest miss in college. "It was just me missing," he said. "I made all my longer ones, fortunately."

74 yards! The Leg is part of the Rams' ability this season to pull off a win on any given Sunday, even against unlikely odds. As long as the defense can keep it close and the offense can move the ball and chew up clock time, they can put points on the board. Jeff Fisher football.

"Well, it just gives you confidence that the odds are that it's going to go through the uprights," Fisher said. "He's got length. So, especially before a half, you can take some shots and do some things."