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The Pete Carroll Photoshop Thread, 2012

Pete Carroll has existed in many forms. There is photographic evidence of as much. From the semi-nude mountaintop warblings to the about-to-be-cavity-searched abyss of woe, this is your 2012 Pete Carroll Photoshop Thread.

Well ain't that something. Nearly two years ago to the day, I posted the first ever Pete Carroll Photoshop Thread. The internet never looked back.

There was Pete Carroll, the Rifleman:


There was the time he was allowed to train Hawkey, the Seahawk's live mascot:


He stopped by to see Reggie Bush's Heisman:


At some point last year, this surfaced mysteriously on my computer (read: I made it):


And now? Now it's time to jump back into the waters.

Pete Carroll is bro. So very bro. But what is a bro to do after chillin' out in Malibu all day? I mean, cmon, bro. Sunscreen? So not bro.


But hey, what better way to bro off than some cool Buds at the festival?


(Author's note: That one was insanely hard, because Big Guy has a big head. But I had to photoshop Pete Carroll onto Big Guy because he has a tattoo of a Bud Light six-pack on his stomach. I had no creative control here, folks.)

But remember. Everyone that enters the Ed goes through security. Everyone.


So shop it up. Put your best Pete Carroll works of art here for all mankind to use day, after day, after day.