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NFL, referees reach a deal

It took the NFL 48 hours to resume bargaining and reach a deal with referees after Monday night's costly touchdown call in Seattle.

Leon Halip - Getty Images

The referees are back. It took all of 48 hours, starting with a blown call in prime time on national television to get a deal done between the NFL owners and their referees, the ones that had been locked out since June. Multiple outlets are reporting that the replacement refs could be gone in time for Thursday night's game.

The nightmare ends.

It was kind of fun while it lasted, or it will be until Seattle's cheap win gives them a leg up in the playoff race. That makes the St. Louis Rams' game this week especially important, the chance to kind of sort, sort of right a wrong by at least beating Seattle to get a leg-up on the potential tie-breaker.

It's fantastic news. I'll be interested to see the terms of the deal. Actually, I'll be interested in just what the NFL gave the refs on their end considering that they had a deal 48 hours after Monday's debacle.

But at least it's over now.