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Mad Mike returns to St. Louis

The St. Louis Rams will have a very special visitor on Sunday.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Old coaches are a theme for the St. Louis Rams so far this season. In Week 1, they paid a visit to former head coach Scott Linehan, now the offensive coordinator in Detroit. They welcomed Jim Haslett, the greatest interim head coach in recent franchise history, to the Dome in Week 2. Lovie Smith repaid his former team's kindness with a six-sacks in an effort to turn Sam Bradford into Jay Cutler. So which former coach is on tap for Week 4?

Why, it's none other than Mike Martz, aka Mad Mike, the offensive brain who was no match for the world of head coaching and John Shaw's office politics. Martz will not be on the field this week. Instead, he and Ron Pitts, Fox's No. 7 broadcast crew, will be calling the Rams' home game against the incredibly lucky Seattle Seahawks.

So what can we expect from Mad Mike in the booth? I'm no clairvoyant, but I suspect we'll hear things like:

  • "The best way to beat Seattle's pass rush is more seven-step drops."
  • "A quarterback should be able to handle at least five sacks a game. After seven is when I'd be worried."
  • "Scheme, scheme, scheme."
  • "Just inside the the tunnel, Ron, there's a secluded place to have a smoke and a good cry."
  • "Did I mention that I used to coach here?"

Alright, give us your best Mad Mike likely in-game quotes.