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Power rankings summary, Week 4: Offensive offense

Recapping the major NFL Power Rankings for the Rams after week 3 of the 2012 NFL season.

David Banks - Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams lost to the Chicago Bears. Ergo, we can totally expect the Rams to go up 10 spots in power rankings across the internet. Wait, how do these things work? Oh, the opposite?

Well, that's dumb. They should just rank the Rams number one, because they are my favorite team. Also, anyone who doesn't is devoid of intelligence and should look for employment in other industries.

(NOTE: If I'm missing any major power rankings, let me know in the comments)

Average ranking (# of rankings) 26.18 (11)
Average change from last week -3.73
Highest ranking (source) 23rd ( - Harrison)
Lowest ranking (source) 30th (Pro Football Weekly)
Biggest positive change (source) -1 (SB Nation)
Biggest negative change (source) -9 (Yahoo! Sports)

SB Nation: 28th (27th last week)

I keep saying the Rams will be good. They will. Soon, right Turf Show Times?

The rest of the major power rankings after the jump.

ESPN: 25th (23rd)

Shortcomings on the offensive line stood out during tough defeat at Chicago. (Power Poll): 28th (24th) (Harrison): 23rd (21st)

After all the hoopla over who would start at tailback -- a banged-up Steven Jackson or rookie Daryl Richardson -- it didn't really matter, as the offense struggled mightily in Chicago. St. Louis produced 160 yards of total offense and was a putrid 3-for-13 on third down. Jeff Fisher definitely has a defense that will compete, but the looming problem is how often those guys will have to be on the field. The Rams only had the ball for 26 minutes in the loss

CBS Sports: 24th (22nd)

The offensive line was mauled against the Bears. Sam Bradford can't succeed on his back.

Yahoo! Sports: 27th (18th)

I expected St. Louis to put up more of a fight at Chicago. Sam Bradford was hung out to dry by his offensive line this past Sunday.

Pro Football Talk: 26th (23rd)

The good news? The Rams are improving. The bad news? So is the rest of the division.

Pro Football Weekly: 30th (24th)

Finnegan looking like one of the better free-agent acquisitions.

Fox Sports: 25th (23rd)

The Rams failed to reach the redzone even once on Sunday … that says it all right there.

National Football Post: 28th (23rd)

Sam Bradford needs some playmakers at WR.

Sports Illustrated: 24th (19th)

That kind of looked like last year's Rams in Chicago on Sunday, trying to stay alive in a gun fight packing nothing more than a Swiss Army knife. The offensive line got Sam Bradford pounded, the running game went nowhere, and St. Louis never sniffed the end zone. And the offense gets no breather this week at home against Seattle. That Seahawks defense is for real, and as Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers found out the past two weeks, Seattle will hit you hard, fast and repeatedly.

SI's rankings will be out later today; I'll add and revise the numbers accordingly.