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St. Louis Rams: Give Me Richardson, Or Give Me Debt!

Daryl Richardson needs to be on the field for the St. Louis Rams. He adds an explosive element that we need, both in rushing and receiving. He’ll need to do both on Sunday against the Seahawks if the Rams are to throw off the Seahawks D

That’s right, I said it! I want more Daryl Richardson, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Steven Jackson is one of the best St. Louis Rams of all time. I still rock his throwback when I’m fully fueled on Rams pride, and I’ve got multiple Marshall jerseys. That probably won’t change during the 2012 season, regardless of how it plays out. I will never take anything away from SJAX. I could write for days about how classy the man is, and how impressive his career numbers are given the complete fallout of talent - and success - since the demise of the Greatest Show on Turf.

With that being said, game recognizes game. And you know who’s got it? That’s right… The next to last pick in the 2012 draft: D. Rich! I’d be willing to bet cash dollars that Daryl Richardson improves our offense every time he’s on the field. Give me Richardson, or give me debt!

At this point, I’m probably preaching to the choir. There’s very little to dislike about Richardson. Actually, I’ve created a ‘comments' section below specifically for you to tell me why he shouldn’t play. Fill it up! But before you do…let’s take a look at some real-life NFL meaningful statistics that happened while 2nd round selection Isaiah Pead watched….

Sun 9/9 L 23-27 2 20 10.0 11 0 0 0 .0 0 0 0 0
Sun 9/16 W 31-28 15 83 5.5 53 0 2 19 9.5 18 0 1 1
Sun 9/23 L 6-23 4 16 4.0 12 0 1 4 4.0 4 0 0 0
REGULAR SEASON STATS 21 119 5.7 53 0 3 23 7.7 18 0 1 1

…I’m doubting you want me to break this down for you, so I won’t. Proof, meet puddin. We got a taste of puddin in week one… to the tune of 10 yards per. In week two - whether it be SJAX's 15-yard epic fail, or injury, that kept him sidelined - D. Rich worked it out on the Skins, who are known for their stout defense. A 53 yard trot, breaking though two would-be tacklers, and a 19 yard screen play both put the Rams in near goal-line position.

Brian Urlacher doesn’t know why, and neither do I, but the Rams abandoned the run in week three’s game against the Bears. It’s proven, and probably necessary in our situation, that an effective game plan include a solid running game and tough defensive play, in order for NFL teams to win games. I’m not sure what happened with the play calling last Sunday, but if they need me this weekend, I’m available! SJAX is our bread, Richardson is our butter.

I’ll take the small sample size, and I’ll go all in! The Rams 2012 draft was amazing. It was littered with talent from start to finish [a lot of which is yet to be realized]. To find a serviceable back in the 7th round, given the fact that we also got one in the 2nd, is just one more reason to be optimistic…in the near future and beyond.

I was excited to write this, and I feel like I’ve pummeled a 4-pack of Red Bull since the onset. I don’t want wings…that’s for the hawks. I want to see Sam Bradford avoid being punished like Aaron Rodgers, and that starts with a solid running game, and an explosive running back. Give Daryl Richardson the ball, and we stand a much better chance at success. I’ll bet on it!