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VIDEO: NFL power rankings, Week 4: A peek inside

The NFC West is not just a doormat this season.

It used to be that the NFC West was a dumping ground, professional football purgatory that could be loved only by the most dedicated of fans. That's changing this season.

Once favored to win it all, the San Francisco 49ers aren't even in first place in the division. The top spot belongs to the Arizona Cardinals at 3-0, with nary an asterisk to be found on their record. The same cannot be said for the Seattle Seahawks, who were gifted a win on Monday night by the replacement officials. I suspect you've heard a thing or two about that.

And then there are the Rams. Led by Jeff Fisher, the Rams look like the team most apt to end up in the division basement, but this is no ordinary crummy Rams team. Headlined by a strong defense capable of snagging turnovers, the Rams are a team just as capable of pulling off an upset as they are to be lose a stinker.

Want further proof? Look no further than this week's power rankings as Amy K. Nelson explains.