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NFL: Turf Show Times Inaugural 2012 Photo Caption Contest

To celebrate the launch of our spiffy new site, we're having a Photo Caption Contest, and yes the Replacement Referees will be the source we'll be drawing upon... Kind of like shooting Ducks in a barrel, isn't it?

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Welcome to the semi-first, officially DouglasM sanctioned Photo Caption Contest of 2012. Tonight we get to pile on the love we all have for the replacement referees. Why you asK? Because if there's an easier subject out there to make fun of - outside of Lady Gaga - I don't know what it is?

You'll have the choice of three pictures to caption this evening. Make sure you identify which picture you're captioning with the number next to it. Place - ENTRY Pic #(insert correct pic number) - in the comment subject line. Failure to do so will void your entry. Next, write your caption in the body of the comment. You can enter as often as you wish, but only one entry per comment. That means one caption on one pic per comment, got it? Very Cool!

Anyone whose a valid SBN member is eligible, and the prize can be a jersey from any NFL team of your choice.

We have a sponsor for tonight's contest, and it's none other than... ME! More specifically, it's my novel - Devin Briar. The prize Devin is funding for tonight? How about a a new replica jersey for any NFL player on a 2012 roster. The only restriction is availability. It must be easily available for purchase, and not exceed the average cost of a replica jersey at The winner also gets a signed copy of Devin Briar, which is worth like $3 Gillion on the planet Glaxor...

So here we go, have a look at the following photos, use those wildly challenged minds of yours, then caption your hearts out!

Photo #1


Photo #3

Best of luck to everyone. Ready, set...GO!