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Rams vs. Bears: Not everything stinks with a second look

The St. Louis Rams lost to the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Mike Dietrich takes a look back at the ups and downs.

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The St. Louis Rams were down by points and on the 40-yard-line with nine minutes left to play against the Chicago Bears. Jeff Fisher's kind of game. Then it all fell apart with penalties, sacks and passive defense.

James Laurinaitis continues to do 3 things that bother me week in and week out:

  • Drops way too deep on pass coverage.
  • He gets eaten up by one OL and seems to never be able to shed the block and make a tackle.
  • Again got trucked 3x by a RB, once on 4th and one vs Bush, Bush stiff armed like he was a CB on 12 yard run, Bell ran him over as well on 10 yard run.
  • He seemed to take better angles in 2nd half but really had issues in 1st.

The offensive line was pretty awful.

  • Dahl is another FA disappointment, all we heard is his attitude and toughness, he just gets killed more than not.
  • Moose was cut for a reason, he does not do much right at all either pass or run blocking, he is a huge liability, and they have to try someone else.
  • 3/6 sacks were on OL as well as at least 5 throwaways from Sam.
  • They did open up 2 huge holes for Jackson but he was quite slow to them, Richardson would have gotten maybe double the yardage on those 2 runs.


  • The drop on deep ball was a game changing by Gibson as well as the 4th and 1, he has to catch both, he was easily the goat of the game.
  • DA did what he can do, cannot ask for much more out of him.
  • Jackson looked 35 years old; Richardson did a bit too much tap dancing for me


  • Pass defense was real string most of the game and only gave u yards on the TD drive when they backed off, when playing press, the Bears has major issues
  • The DL played well enough to win and make Cutler uncomfortable.
  • Run defense stepped up in 2nd half other than a complete falling apart on the Cutler scramble.
  • Jenkins has one drop that could have been a TD and on the Jeffrey bobble, thought he could have made a play but hesitated and then drive turned into a TD.
  • The silly personal foul penalty in 1st quarter cost 3 points should not happen under Fisher.

Special Teams

  • Greg the Leg was an asset again this week, now ranks as the Rams 2nd best draft pick of 2012
  • Hekker is up and down, kicked too much to Hester for my liking bit they held him down.
  • Pead again took it out of end zone and ran right into the pile.


  • The offense was not awful in 1st 3 quarters but kept missing when they had the chance, play calling not as bad as I thought when watching live.
  • I have no idea why they ran Jackson on the 3rd and one down 2 scores, have to throw and hurry up, only run should be a draw to quick back.
  • Another issue I had was Fisher punting with 4 minutes left, seemed to be a give up, if you are giving up then do not put Sam back in down 17 with 2 minutes left.

Sam Bradford

  • He did not play an awful game, the dropped pass outside the end zone by Brandon Gibson changed the whole game. Jenkins' dropped interception too.
  • He really made only 4 really bad throws, 2 of which were the INTs.
  • He stared down DA that was an easy play for the Bears.
  • On the 2nd int, he had Pead alone at top of the screen, would have been interesting to see him in open space.
  • 3 of the sacks were on Sam for holding the ball for way too long, has to get rid of it.