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Missed call cost the Rams possession

The referees missed a crucial call that cost the St. Louis Rams possession in their Week 3 loss to the Chicago Bears.

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Jeff Fisher has been one of the savvier coaches in the NFL this season when it comes to the replacement referee situation. At his Monday afternoon press conference, he continued to tow his line that the replacements were "doing the best they can in a difficult situation."

That's certainly better handled than Bill Belichick's incident on Sunday night, one that's going to cost him. He could have lost his temper too, on a blown call against Mario Haggan in the first quarter. Haggan got a flag for roughing the kick/unnecessary roughness. That gave Chicago the ball back, and they kicked a field goal on the resulting drive.

Fisher said at his press conference that the call should have been running into the kicker. That would have meant the Rams kept the ball, and had the penalty yards tacked on to the spot.

Watching the replay, you can see that Fisher is clearly unhappy with the call, confused by it in fact. The actual play itself isn't so clear, and I'm not sure that regular referees would have called this one correctly 100 percent of the time.

For lots more on the replacement ref screw-ups this week, check out this feature at SB Nation.