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The Quick Five: St. Louis Rams fall to the Chicago Bears

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Yesterday's game versus Chicago was a difficult game to watch. The Rams had every chance to come back as they were down by only four for most of the game. However, the offense couldn't respond (even handing the Bears a quick seven) before the defense finally succumbed at the end.

But if you have to key in five players, where to start? You could point a finger at just about everyone after a loss like this. Lucky me, I only have to pick five from St. Louie.

Harvey Dahl, OG

Dahl was awful yesterday. In fact, I'm not sure if awful even accurately describes how he played against the Bears. As the unofficial veteran leader of the offensive line, he did nothing to instill confidence. He routinely missed on blocks and shares the blame on getting Sam Bradford destroyed.

It's too early to worry about this now, given the erratic play, but if Dahl disappoints this year, the Rams might not have many holdovers in next year's line.

Quinn Ojinnaka, OG

As bad as Dahl was, Ojinakka was possibly worse. When you're clamoring for an overweight, low round rookie replacement, you know you aren't doing your job. Ojinakka was obliterated (seriously, I've got to come up to with other words for 'destroyed').

This Bears defense is good, but offensive line trouble is something no fan wants to see, ever. Special shoutouts to Barry Richardson and Wayne Hunter for playing down to their talent level also.

James Laurinaitis, MLB

Jo-Lonn Dunbar was easily the best Rams linebacker on the field yesterday. JL had an off game; he didn't make some tackles he should have and had trouble against an offensive line that, if you listened to the media, was worse than the Rams' own.

It's difficult to see Animal Jr. struggle, even more so now that he has legitimate help on the outside.

Brandon Gibson, WR

After two stellar games, Gibson fell back to Earth. He missed probably THE most important catch of the day, which could have put the Rams in TD territory. If the Rams score that touchdown, it's most likely a completely different game. Alas, Brandon put on his best cornerback routine and dropped the ball after it hit both his hands and his chest.

You've gotta catch those passes man.

Cortland Finnegan, CB

The lone bright spot! Finnegan was excellent in the secondary, grabbing his third interception off a deflection. He now has three in three games, which, as you all know, is awesome. He broke up a few passes and had a good game opposite to Janoris Jenkins, who was up and down yesterday.

Still, Cortnoris hasn't disappointed so far.

Did I miss anyone? Sound off in the comments!