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Rams Vs. Bears, Week 3: Game Thread


The last time the St. Louis Rams were above .500, at any point during the season, was 2006. In NFL years, that's a long, long time. First-round draft picks have come and gone and are barely a memory since then, especially for the Rams, which might explain why it's been so long since they were at .500.

A win this week against the Bears will not be easy, but this game is not the impossibility it once seemed like. A win this week would put the Rams at 2-1, with two home games against NFC West rivals over the next two weeks. In case you were wondering, yes, that could vault them into the race for the division lead as well as an early entrant for the wild card.

I know, I know, it's ridiculously early for that kind of talk, but a leg up in the NFC West this year might go a lot further than you think.