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When Educational Videos Don't Work

Wait! The video said ...
Wait! The video said ...

Educational videos. Sometimes, they're very helpful, whether they show you with graphic detail the damage that can be done by texting and driving or a groovy sex ed video from the 70s. Sometimes, these educational videos fail to stick with their audience, just ask the Washington Redskins.

They watched a 10-minute video all about St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan. They saw him goading and baiting opponents into bad penalties or stupid mistakes. Washington's players saw this the night before their game against the St. Louis Rams, says Adam Schefter.

The night before Washington played the Rams, Redskins coaches played a 10-minute highlight video that spanned the last three years of all the late hits and ways that St. Louis CB Cortland Finnegan has tried to bait his opponents into getting penalties. Redskins played the 10-minute highlight video that spanned back the past three years with the warning: Do not retaliate. do not react. Whatever you do, do not retaliate. This is what Finnegan has done for years, and he will try to do it again tomorrow.


The Bears are a team at risk coming unglued. The quarterback is bumping the left tackle, the defensive back is sticking up for the lineman. It's ugly in Chicago, and Finnegan and Jeff Fisher's more aggressive, some say dirty, Rams could be just the group to push them over the edge.