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One Last Indignity: Josh Morgan Fined For Throwing The Ball At Cortland Finnegan


Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan not only helped seal his team's defeat at the hands of the St. Louis Rams with his fourth quarter antics. He's now getting fined for it, the grand total of $7,875 adding one final indignity to the whole affair.

Morgan, who noted the importance of not getting baited by Cortland Finnegan prior to the game, chucked the ball at the Rams cornerback after being tackled on third down. Watch the move in all its splendor:


Morgan's fine is a fitting end to a week of complaining by the Redskins about the Rams' dirty play. One man's dirty play is another man's competitive attitude ... or something like that.

Having had a laugh at Morgan's antics, I am surprised that Janoris Jenkins was not fined for his hit on Fred Davis, a hit that was clearly illegal.

Scratch that, Jenkins was fined $15,750 for the hit.


Robert Quinn was fined $7,875 for unnecessary roughness on Trent Williams. Quinn Ojinnaka was fined the same for his hit on London Fletcher.

The replacement refs were barely able to control these two teams, and the game went beyond the bounds of rough play. At some point, that's going to come back to haunt the league.