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Random Ramsdom for Friday 9/21/2012: Retort to RGIII, Chicago to Run, and Knee Licking Ninnys


Friday. A day so special to us here at Turf Show Times. Why?, you may ask. Well, put simply, there are roughly 48 hours left til kick off. Friday should be your day of reflection, your day of preparation. A trip to the grocery store should be high on the list today, so you can load up on supplies for the weekend. After you pick up the chips and salsa, you've absolutely got to swing by the local A-B-C store and load up on your favorite beverage, be it adult or kinder. For this evening and Saturday will fly by in a blur. Sure things will slow slightly during the college football orgy of dies Saturni, but you will have the blue and gold in the back of your mind the entire day. Your phone and laptop will be your companions on this day, as you conduct a frenzied ballet of watching TV, thumbing through your SBNation app, and doing analysis of your Fantasy Football lineups that would make the most extreme OCD patient proud.

Soon the sun will dip below the horizon, and as you stumble to your bed- or just lay back on the couch- you will fall into a beer filled slumber; knowing that in the morning you will wake to a new day. A day in which the St. Louis Rams have a .500 record at 1-1, and are becoming an upset pick to beat the Chicago Bears. Soon my friend, the nachos will be piled high, the beer iced down, and the couch (the same couch that might have embraced your inebriated body the night before) will be inviting you to settle in for the next eight hours of pure football bliss. Friday is your day to reflect and prepare. For Sunday belongs to the blue and gold, to the fans, to the football gods! May it be a good day.

Ram News:

I Didn't Know RGIII Was a 40Whiner!
By now you are all familiar with RGIII's comments regarding the St. Louis Rams come from behind thumping last Sunday. The rookie quarterback seemed to complain about how aggressive the Rams were playing, and his comments made their way onto Twitter. His comment about the Rams leading with their helmets was even overheard during the broadcast. I don't think RGIII will ever live this down, especially from Rams fans. I know this is what I will think of every time I hear his name. Here are some of the best retorts from our beloved team:

It’s not the Big 12....- Steven Jackson
I don’t think we are dirty, I mean last time I checked I shower a couple times a day. (Griffin) has his own opinion about what is going on. He doesn’t partake in this locker room at all so he can formulate his own things and we are going to play our style of football and I am sorry he didn’t like that. I hope he has a good day.- Jo-Lonn Dunbar
We are going to play aggressive. We are going to play hard to the whistle. This is the National Football League and he is going to be a good player and if he took issue with how we play then so be it. I’m not concerned about that. I am more concerned about the Bears.- Jeff Fisher

Running On the Rams
The Chicago Bears are a tough team. Don't be fooled into thinking that the Rams will have an easy day. The Ram's defensive line is handicapped due to injuries, and Chicago will look to exploit that at every opportunity with the running game. Kev H over at Windy City Gridiron posted up an excellent break down of the Ram run defense.

Ram Line Rotation Making it Work
The Ram's offensive line woes continue, but the rotation did a pretty good job on both pass blocking and paving the way for the running game last week. The starters and supporting cast will have one hell of an assignment this Sunday, as they must go against names like Julius Peppers, Henry Melton, Lance Briggs, and Brian Urlacher. Be it linebacker or defensive lineman, the offensive line must stand their ground and provide Sam Bradford with time to go through his progressions and get the ball out in time. Melton had this to say about his choice of words if he sacks Bradford this Sunday:

I’m not miked up this game, so it’s going to be dirty.

Amendola's Short Memory Has Nothing To Do With Concussions
One of the many bright spots for the Rams this year is wide receiver Danny Amendola. "Blankie" is taking off so far this year, and is the number one receiver on the team statistically this season, as well as high on the list of NFL leaders. Despite the reservations by some about the hiring of Brian Schottenheimer, Danny credits his offensive coordinator with the wide receiving corps preparation and performance so far. "Mini-Welker" is sure to continue his dominance.


Trying to Catch Crabs?
You've just got to see this to believe it. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Creepy Knee Lickers
Wow. Just, wow! I feel dirty. Going to take a shower.

Parental Discretion is Advised

Still the Best Tommy Scene Ever

RATM of the Week

Have a great Friday Ram Nation!