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Random Ramsdom 09/20/2012: Da Bears, Da NHL Lockout, and Da Mustache

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Good Thursday morning, Rams fans! I hope that it finds you well. We're just a few more days away from seeing the St. Louis Rams take to the field, and this Thursday most certainly has a different feel than that of seven days ago - courtesy of a win! Just saying it is sweet music to my ears! Ooooh, we're half way there… to last years win count! Feels good, eh? This Sunday, in week three, could mark the matching of last season's win total. But to win in the NFL, one must know your enemies.

This weeks opponent: The Chicago Bears. I'll admit that after last week's crazy, yet exciting win against the Washington Griffins, foreseeing a win against the Bears is exponentially more plausible. It doesn't hurt that QB Jay Cutler is fresh off a four pick outing, and chastising his lineman while walking off the field. But let's not kid ourselves…we'll be heading to Chi Town to face a Bears squad that is nowhere near push-over. The game plan will, no doubt, be different than it was last week, and Chicago will be aiming to take away the strengths [they're looking at you, Danny Amendola] of the Rams.

Knowing your enemy…Bears. Ferocious, hungry, violent, powerful, and unrestrained. Bears are amazing animals. The NFL team, in many ways, could be described using similar words. To alleviate any fear that I may have just instilled, take a look at this. Cute and Cuddly! Some believe that Bears are superior to humans in differing parts of our galaxy. Regardless of your mind set, Bears are versatile, agile, and downright sexy. Polar Bears don't have moves like that! But let's be honest, when a human is faced with a Bear, and when our Rams are faced with the Chicago Bears, there's only one way to truly take them out...

In Rams News

Mock… Yeah… Ing… Yeah

In case you missed it Bleacher Report updated their mock draft for 2013. One of the great things about mock drafts - especially for Rams fans - is that you can almost couple their draft selections with how the foresee the outcome of the season. I haven't seen any - not to say there aren't any - where St. Louis's pick comes AFTER that of Washington. Well, BR sees it that way. As a matter of fact, he sees the Rams picking back to back in 2013. Not to be outdone, Walt updated his mock draft for next year. A WR with the first pick? I'm beginning to wonder...

A Rams Report Card Following Week Two's Win

Jeff Gordon - of the non-Nascar variety - grades each facet of the Rams team after their first win of the season. As many of you would think, the defense scored well…"B's" all around. Coming into the season, and maybe even still, has been more likely to be described legitimate. Following week two's performance, the offense scored straight A's. Scratch-n-sniff sticker time!

Bradford vs. Cutler: Whose Got The Edge?

Here's a nice feel-good article about Sam Bradford is a machine, and Jay Cutler should be applying for the Rams equipment manager vacancy. The numbers - in case you haven't seen them - are startlingly excellent. Top 10 offense? 6th in rushing? 11th in passing? Damn right!

Matt Forte vs. The Rams: To Be Or Not To Be…A High Ankle Sprain

I think it would be a bit of fortuitous news for the Chicago Bears to be without starting running back - Matt Forte - this weekend. According to Head Coach Lovie Smith, it's not a high ankle sprain, and Forte remains questionable for Sundays game. Even if Forte's not able to go, Michael Bush is legit, and without Michael Brockers to stuff the middle, Bush could take advantage of the Rams injured defensive line.

Week 3: The Rams v. Bears Matchup

Here's one preview of the game that doesn't lean in the Rams favor. A 24-16 loss. What are your keys to the game? On offense, can our depleted - yet unrelenting - offensive line contend with the likes of a Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher? Jay Cutler likes to air it out, and Brandon Marshall could have a big day if Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins can't limit the aerial attack. Can they get into Brandon Marshall's head this week?

It Got Loud In The Dome, And They Players Are Appreciative

It's probably difficult to make a sufficient amount of noise to intimidate an opponent, and create an atmosphere that distracts, demoralizes, and confuses the opposition when you've won only 15 games in five seasons. And even though last season's results were no exception, the St. Louis Rams fans have seen enough turn-around to recognize a product that wreaks of promise. Rams fans showed up last Sunday, got loud when necessary, and the players are thankful. It's refreshing to hear appreciation being reciprocated.

Jeff Fisher Wants You To Get Off Jay Cutler's Back

Go figure… more class from Jeff Fisher! Coach speaks about how the media is beating Cutler up for providing lineman J'Marcus Webb an earful. He goes on to say that Jay is 'a good football player' and that 'Chicago is lucky to have him.' A few things are for certain, though. If J'Marcus Webb doesn't pan out, there's always Jamarcus Russell, and even if the media lays off Cutler's back, Jeff Fisher's defense will not.

In Sporting News

Thursday Night NFL Action - Do The Panthers Have What It Takes To Beat The Super Bowl Champs? Fox Sports weighs in…
Week 3back to top "
NY Giants at Carolina 8:20 PM NFL Tickets Bank of America Stadium

Baseball Games Are Getting Spicy

As the playoff picture in MLB heats up, so do it's fans. Apparently, as each inning becomes more meaningful, it's much less important to take them seriously…or watch them at all. In case you missed it, this respectable couple took about a third of a Yankee game to blow off a little 'steam.' Meanwhile, at Wrigley field, this guy's obviously got something on his mind…and in his mouth

An NHL Lockout…Great!

Less than a week prior to the beginning of the NHL preseason, we find ourselves looking in on another lockout. Didn't we just go through this with the NHL? I'm still exhausted from having to hear about the negotiations from the NFL holdout. Meanwhile, hockey's superstars are already signing with leagues in other countries, and for a sport that's growing increasingly popular, this lockout is going to be crippling…to owners, players, and fans. Thanks for nothing, NHL!

PGA Tees Off Tour Championship

The final installment of the PGA Tour Championship has arrived, and it's teeing off at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. It's another $8,000,000 for the golfers to divide their winnings, and have displayed on large cardboard checks. The PGA Tour highlights it's top thirty power rankings for this weekends tournament. Here are the current standings… it's not close. And Greg Norman - Tiger Hater Numero Uno - thinks that Tiger is intimidated by Rory

Eat Your Heart Out Steven Jackson…

Plain Ol Random

To Pay or Not To Pay? That is the question

A new car or truck can be expensive. Even with a low interest rate, making monthly payments may be difficult. Well, when you default on your financial obligations, the bank may opt to take that vehicle back - ya know - because you don't own it.

And just because your slick new ride was impounded, that doesn't mean you cannot drive. There's only one way to get that truck back…and that's not to start making payments again.

Taco Bell Has Some Killer Burritos

We've all been there. You're out late at night, and need something to sop up the evening's libations. Where do you go? Well, to the place that sells the 4th meal, of course! These responsible police officers dropped a guy off for some 'late night munchies.' It was his final supper.

Jeff Fisher Wants You To Know Your Stache

The Pencil - The pencil is a thin mustache that clings to the upper lip like a baby howler monkey does to it's mother. Also known as the 'mouthbrow,' this sleek little ditty is now forever glorified in this song by Jimmy Buffett.

This style, which is sported by John Waters and 'Boston Blackie' are sheer masterpieces of lip art

…and in other mustache news. Andy Reid grows his out in appreciation, respect, and remembrance.

This Day In Sport History

1927 - NY Yankee Babe Ruth hits record 60th HR of season off Tom Zachry
1931 - Lou Gehrig's 4 RBIs break his old RBI mark of 175 en route to 184
1939 - Joe Louis KOs Bob Pastor in 11 for Heavyweight boxing title
1953 - Cubs Ernie Banks hits his 1st major league HR
1955 - Willie Mays is 7th player to reach 50 HRS in a season
1961 - Roger Maris hits home run # 59 & barely misses # 60 in game 154 of the season. Yanks clinch pennant #26
1968 - Mickey Mantle hits final career homer # 536
1973 - Billy Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in battle-of-sexes tennis match
1973 - Willie Mays announces retirement at end of 1973 season
1982 - NFL players begin a 57 day strike
1987 - Dwight Clark ends NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions
1987 - Walter Payton scores NFL record 107th rushing touchdown
1988 - Greg Louganis wins Olympic gold medal in springboard diving

Happy Birthday To

1917 - Arnold "Red" Auerbach, NBA coach/GM. NINE NBA Championships as a player, and SEVEN more as a GM
1951 - Guy Lafleur, NHL right wing. FIVE Time Stanley Cup Champ

1956 - Gary Cole, Actor. He wants those TPS Reports by noon
1975 - Juan Pablo Montoya, NASCAR driver
1976 - John Berthnal, 'Shane' of The Walking Dead….here's the trailer for season 3
1978 - Dante Hall, Kick Return Specialist - Former Ram