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Rams Release Jerome Murphy, Third Devaney Draft Pick To Go In A Week

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No one is safe, almost no one. St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher dispatched a pair of the previous regimes former prospects on Saturday. First, they sent Greg Salas to the New England Patriots for a 2015 draft pick. Next, and perhaps more surprising, they released third-year cornerback Jerome Murphy, a third-round pick in 2010.

The South Florida product last saw playing time in his rookie year. According to Pro Football Focus, he allowed opposing passers to complete 79 percent of their throws for two touchdowns and one interception. Murphy spent last season on inured reserve after breaking his ankle in camp. There are some that thought he looked a step slower in camp this year.

Murphy's playing time had steadily decreased through the preseason. The move left some wondering after it happened. His release leaves the Rams with five cornerbacks, three of whom are rookies. With just one year of playing time under the old coaching staff, Murphy was not too far removed from rookie status himself.

If the Rams do trade Bradley Fletcher, that will mean a completely remade group of cornerbacks.

Rams fans should know all too well that new leadership means changes to the roster. In the last week, Snead and Fisher have shipped off three draft picks from the Devaney era, starting with a break-even trade of Jason Smith to the Jets.

Unless those players from the past era have a contract extension, or are in the process of getting one, they have a question mark over their head this season, even Sam Bradford.