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RGIII Says The Rams Played 'Dirty' In 31-28 Win


Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III felt like the St. Louis Rams could have been a little nicer last week. There's no question that things got a little tense between the two teams last Sunday in the Rams' 31-28 win. Much of that was helped along by the absentee officiating. Regardless, RGIII's comments about the game will be more than enough for a few jovial moments around the water coolers in St. Louis.

Mmmm, I doubt it was anything personal. Teams are going to hope that a little physical play goes along way to disrupting a rookie quarterback.

Let's also not overlook the fact that the Redskins too had plenty of "dirty extracurriculars" for the Rams.

The bigger problem here are the refs that let things get out of control. That's always been one of the dangers with the replacement refs as players take the opportunity to test the limits in front of substitute teachers. It needs to be reigned in before things get really out of control.