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NFL Fantasy Football - Position Players: TE


So just because I lost in three of my four Fantasy Football leagues this week, doesn't mean I don't know great FF players, does it? (Pauses here while people laugh at me) Seriously though, my teams were struck by normal FF stars taking the day off. Marques Colston had 4.60 points while the Saints were IN passing mode. Dez Bryant was worth a whopping 1.70 , Jermichael Finley has .60 points, and Larry Fitzgerald added a dismal .40 to my FF ledger. How the Arizona Cardinals won in New England is anyone's guess, though their defense looked great. What the heck is going on this year? If this keeps up, more than my ego will experience shrinkage...

One position everyone outside of Gronk, Graham and V.Davis owners are taking a hard look at this week is Tight Ends. ( I pause again here while Ryan and 3k exchange "tight end" jokes on Twitter) Injuries have taken their toll, with Hernandez and Gates being out, and under performers like Fred Davis have teams scrambling to fill the void, I mean, find solutions. Innuendo makes this a tough position to write about, eh? Well stop giggling DC and RAMpage, because the solutions to your FF "TE" needs are right here.

Dennis Pitta leads this group of options. The Ravens TE has been quarterback Joe Flacco's "go to" guy for the first two weeks of this season. He has 138 receiving yards on 13 receptions and a TD so far. He'd be a nice addition to your team while Flacco is struggling.

Martellus Bennett of the New York Giants has two TDs in the first couple weeks of this season, and he has a decent quarterback to boot. Bennett is looking like a great option for we former Fred Davis owners.

Jacob Tamme of Denver is another option, and he may see lots of looks from Peyton Manning after their Monday Night Football first quarter debacle.

Two others who could prove good bench addition are Kyle Rudolph of the Vikings - 102 receiving yards, one TD and a quarterback that will be fleeing for his life in division games, and Greg Olsen of Carolina. With wide receiver Steve Smith hampered by a bothersome knee, look for Cam Newton to be looking farther down his progression list to Olsen this week against the New York Giants.

There you have it, sage wisdom from the wilds of New Mexico. You can't buy advice like this. Well you could if you really want to I guess? Just know I no longer accept penny jars C.O.D...