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The Rams Keep Messing With Jim Haslett's Career


Not only did the St. Louis Rams beat the Washington Redskins last week, they apparently forced a little controversy into the team's coaching ranks. Hog Haven, SB Nation's Redskins blog, is reporting that Mike Shanahan gave defensive play calling duties to defensive backs coach Raheem Morris for the second half of the game, stripping coordinator Jim Haslett of that role.

St. Louis was tearing apart Haslett's zone coverage. Look no further than Danny Amendola's career-best 15 catches. Morris wanted to move to more man coverage, whereas Haslett was sticking with his zone scheme, in spite of all logic.

Having seen Haslett's body of work here in St. Louis, I was never very impressed with it. Now, you have to wonder if he won't be out of a job or facing demotion, especially with a guy like Morris on the staff in Washington.

Man, losing to the Rams can be bad for your career.