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Steven Jackson Injury: Groin No Problem For Rams RB

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The injury news was not all bad for the St. Louis Rams on Monday. Running back Steven Jackson avoided a more serious groin injury in Sunday's game. He told 101 ESPN on Monday afternoon that he had an MRI and everything checked out okay.

"Got an MRI this morning," Jackson said. "Everything came back as positive as it can be."

There was a mini controversy on Sunday as some wondered why Jackson was out of the game after goal-line carry and a penalty for spiking the ball on what should have been a touchdown. The whole series was one of the finer moments for the NFL's replacement officials.

Fisher said that the team played it safe with Jackson. The running back could have gone back into the game, but with Daryl Richardson running well, there was no reason to risk injury to Steven Jackson.

It's great news for the Rams that they finally have a viable running back behind Steven Jackson, but it could make for an interesting situation down the road.