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NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Rams Up, RGIII Down


I normally try not to get too worked up about NFL Power Rankings. There are usually better things to devote your hater energy to, like Twitter beefs or Drake, but this week's power rankings are giving the St. Louis Rams nothing after their 31-28 win over the Washington Redskins and RGIII last week.

In this week's SB Nation Power Rankings, the Rams place 27th on the list, up two spots from 29th after Week 1. Here's the quick take on the Rams:

The Rams will end this season in the top 20 of our power rankings. The next month has three very winnable games.

It's a little low, don't you think? But most startling of all is that Washington slides one spot to No. 17 on the rankings this week. Huh?

The bad news is they lost the game. The good news is RGIII still looks legit.

No, for real. How can this be? Because they beat the Saints last week? The Saints are terrible, thanks in large part to a defense lacking almost any kind of talent. Of course RGIII should be eating Steve Spagnuolo's unit alive, especially without Sean Payton there to scare the shit out of everyone.

BTW, feel free to cruise over the power rankings and let them know you feel more than a little outraged.

I'd like to see the Rams a lot higher on the list, but I guess I'll have to wait until next week.