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Random Ramsdom Sept. 17th: Rodger Saffold is Hurt Again, and Was Steven Jackson Benched?

The Rams are now 1-1 (or better) for the first time since 2006. Let that sink in properly. The Rams are off to their best start in 6 years, but it's only one win. There is a lot of games left to win for this team. I didn't come in with high expectations, but after the first two games, it's obvious the Rams should be in every single game they play. This team has a good of chance as anybody to shock some teams, starting with the Bears next week in what actually could be a very good match-up for the Rams.

Links time!

MNF Recap: Where did Peyton Manning go?

The Falcons, one of the most overlooked teams in the NFL, beat the Denver Peytons, I mean Broncos (or do I?) 27-21. The big story of course is Peyton Manning throwing three first half interceptions. Coming off neck surgery, we all expected rust, but this? Manning will likely bounce back though, he still is Peyton Manning.

Saffold picks up his second injury of the season

Rodger Saffold may be the most unlucky player so far in 2012. Week 1 he was carted off the field in Detroit with a neck injury. He somehow was able to play the next week, but he picked up a MCL sprain against the Redskins. Now Saffold is out at least 4 weeks, leaving the Rams with Wayne Hunter at LT.

Record number of teams at .500 after week 2

The NFL always lays claim to being the sports' league with the most parity. The fact that 20 teams are at .500 after two weeks speaks to that. Also how many teams have no shot at the playoffs? Like 3 or 4 maybe? This may be one of the most exciting regular seasons in recent memory.

Was Steven Jackson really injured, or was he benched?

Bernie Miklasz tackles the big controversy from the Rams win Sunday. Thinking he scored a TD, Steven Jackson spiked the ball and he received a 15 yard penalty and the Rams had to settle for a FG. He never entered the game after that moment leading many to believe Fisher benched the Rams best player for the incident. After the game, it was reported that Steven suffered a groin injury. In all honesty, I really don't think it matter (well if Jackson can't play due to injury next week it does). Steven and Fisher both know what happened, and both are professionals who won't let it get in the way of the team. It will be forgotten about in a couple of weeks.

GIF of the week: Happiest Rams Fan EVER


Video of the week:

That's all for today! Have a good one and GO RAMS!!