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NFL - Monday Night Football Open Thread

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So after a great Sunday - featuring a St. Louis Rams win - we can dive right into a great week #3 of football, right? Did you forget Monday Night Football? HA! You call yourself a football fanatic? Tonight's game could be great, with two potentially powerful offenses throwing the ball on almost every down.

We have he of fused neck and boring Buick fame - Peyton Manning. Then we have Matt Ryan, who will be throwing to possibly the best wide receiver duo in the NFL - Roddy White and Julio Jones. Since neither team has the best defensive secondaries, this could be a shoot out. I think the over/under is like 1.24879 billion points? I'm taking the under, but that's just me. Anything over a billion points and quarterbacks' arms get tired. Then there are the injuries from touchdown celebrations, though everyone in the stadium would get 17,344 footballs if the scorer throws them into the stands? If they do the "Lambeau Leap", by the end of the game they'll need a forklift to reach end zone fans...

So go down your check lists, and make sure you're ready for some Monday Night Football! Chicken wings? Check! Pizza? Check! Bubbly beverages? Check! Cheetos in at least four flavors? Check! Yup!, I'm ready to go! How about you?