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Monday's 2nd look at Rams/Redskins


Sam was great, really did not miss any passes other than the int where he should have had a 2 step drop and get it to Kendricks

Jackson had the biggest holes he has had in awhile, on the 20 yarder where he got hurt, if he cuts up, there is a chance for a TD.

Jax did not really push the pile on his runs inside the 5 but 2 could have been TD's

Langford jumped up a few times and made RG3 change what he wanted to do.

Quinn is so good around the corner but lord does he go wide and since JL who had about as awful a game as you can have cannot plug that hole or react quicker, it will be open all day.

Richardson has crazy speed but does go down pretty easy, also he was down at 1/2 yard line on the reception

Hekker's punt has huge in the 4th, totally changed field position.

Pead is really buried, I can see him inactive and Ganaway getting a shot since Givens went to Kick returns.

Mulligan could have gone done and on replay looked like Jackson could have stayed n when he went OOB.

Shotty was awesome what he drew up for Sam, I can see alot of press coverage to try and stop these quick throws.

if Stewart gets back and replaces Dahl, that's a 7 point difference a game.

What no one said about Morgan , if he turns other way, easily gets the 1st down and then no penalty.