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Mike Ditka On Cortland Finnegan: 'He's Not A Good Football Player'


Cortland Finnegan played one hell of a game for the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, helping the defense keep RGIII contained on their way to a 31-28 win. No surprise, Finnegan was instrumental last week, scoring a touchdown on a Matthew Stafford interception.

Too bad "he's not a good football player."

No, that's not TST editorializing, that's none other than former Bears head coach Mike Ditka appearing on ESPN's Mike and Mike Monday morning. (101 ESPN has a link to the audio).

"That's all he can do," Ditka said of Finnegan's knack for antagonizing opponents.

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Finnegan, who is not very good at football, limited Stafford to a 49.0 rating last week, containing the Lions to 46 yards and no touchdowns on six passes completed in his direction. A year ago, Finnegan was Pro Football Focus' third best corner, grading out with a 16.9 mark, topped only by Darrelle Revis and Brent Grimes. He limited opponents to just 8.8 yards per catch, two touchdowns, one interception and seven passes defensed.

But he's not very good at football.

The Rams secondary, led by Finnegan, has been a startling revelation this year. They kept the Lions in check, until breakdowns by the safeties and linebackers left holes in the Rams' cover-2. On Sunday, they had Washington's receivers covered up most of the game.

I can only imagine how good the Rams would be if Finnegan really was good at football.

*Obviously, I'm being facetious here. Ditka doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.