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Rams 31, Redskins 28: Who Gets The Game Ball(s)


It's hard to pick a single player from the St. Louis Rams to get the official TST game ball. The Rams won in a total team effort, offense, defense and special teams all made key contributions to the 31-28 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Here are my picks for the player of the game on each unit.

Offensive Game Ball: Danny Amendola

You could go any number of directions here, but how do ignore what the Rams' top receiver did after losing a fumble on the first snap of the game. Amendola tied none other than Isaac Bruce and Flipper Anderson for the franchise record with 15 catches in a single game. He caught 15-of-16 passes for 160 yards and a touchdown.



Defensive Game Ball: Cortland Finnegan

This was a tough one because I really think Jo-Lonn Dunbar deserves a heaping helping of credit for his play this week. He was everywhere on the field. More importantly, he flowed from side to side which helped the Rams keep RGIII and the Redskins offense in check on all those misdirection plays that they beat New Orleans with last week. But Finnegan gets the game ball. Not only did his interception lead to a field goal, he was part of a secondary that barely let the Washington receivers breath. More importantly, he got into their heads, just ask Josh Morgan about that.



Special Teams Game Ball: Matthew Mulligan

Move over Greg The Leg, this week was all about Mulligan on special teams. He blocked a punt late in the third quarter that set up the Rams' winning touchdown drive. He also scored the touchdown after the defense keyed in on everyone else on the field. He probably deserves the overall game ball here.