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NFL Fantasy Football - Who Do You Start at QB in Week #2?


So who are you going to start at quarterback for your Fantasy Football team this week? There are some intriguing choices you may want to consider. On one of my FF teams, I somehow find myself with 3 QBs. I'm not even sure why I have so many on one team, but I may have to blame it on "late-night-add syndrome". Pharmaceutical companies are no doubt rushing research forward to combat yet another dreaded disease.

On the team I mentioned, I have Tony Romo, Matt Stafford and RGIII. If I look at the match ups for their teams this week, it offers a puzzling decision. Stafford has to go against a tough 49ers defense - in San Francisco. Tony Romo has to go against a tough defense in Seattle. RGIII has the most favorable up-side, except his best receiver - Pierre Garcon - may be out with a foot injury. Who would you choose?

On another team, I have Romo and Andrew Luck. I love the match up for Luck against a woeful Minnesota secondary. I also think this could be a high scoring game, so we could see the former King of Stanford in his first real shoot out of his career. Luck did well in his week #1 start, and while he threw a couple interceptions, he still posted numbers similar to another guy in his rookie start years ago - Peyton Manning.

I'm reading that a great number of FF gurus think Matt Cassell is going to shine this week against the Buffalo Bills. I'm not buying it. Their assumption is that over-hyped Dwayne Bowe will somehow wake up this week? Michael Vick has some serious heat on him this week, and he's not getting any help from the injury Gods. Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson are hobbled with injuries that have them as question marks this week. Maclin's hip flexor ding is troubling, and it could haunt him for a few more weeks too. I'd steer clear of Vick this week, but that's just me. After the jump, hit the numberFire player evaluation widget if you're in need of some in-depth scoring projections.