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Why this picture?  Why not?
Why this picture? Why not?

I've been unfair to Sam Bradford, as have many on this site. I have nitpicked Sam's performance to an outrageous point. I look for things that really aren't there. I yell at every bad throw he makes, or bad sack he takes. It's to the point of almost expecting perfection.

Is it my fault? In a word, no. What has happened is I am at a breaking point with my patience. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can no longer say that I very much look forward to Rams games. I still love them, don't get me wrong, but they have become stressful, and can bring out the worst in me.

Being a Rams fan is tough, especially when you're too young to remember the Greatest Show on Turf era. I became a serious Rams fan during the 2007 season. I bought into the hype coming off a solid 8-8 showing in 2006. Since then, all I've seen is 15 wins. Fifth.....teen.

I've become impatience and this has lead me to be overly critical of the entire team, but especially Sam Bradford (check out my tweets). This is unfair to Sam, the Rams, and unfair to all of you. After the jump, I would like to remind myself and everyone else, why patience is still needed for the Rams.

Reason #1: We have to wipe the chalkboard clean of the last 5 years

This may be the hardest thing to do, but it has to be done. We as fans need to act like the last 5 years didn't happen. We have new people in charge after yet another house cleaning. Having yet another new staff is frustrating, but we have to give them the same patience and time that we gave to Spagunolo and Linnehan. We can't expect miracles just because it's Jeff Fisher. It's takes time to build a team.

Reason #2: The Offensive Line and Wide Receivers are still talent deprived

These units have been improved over last season, but they still are subpar. Yes some QBs have been successful with moderate talent around them, but no QB could come in and fix the Rams. We can't expect Sam to do the same only being in his third year.

Reason #3: Bradford is in his 3rd season, with his 3rd offensive coordinator

Sam Bradford needs to improve his play without a doubt, but it unfair, and just stupid to say the Rams should get rid of him if he has a bad year. If he has a bad year? How about we let him play that year out first before we even think about discussing that. Playing QB in the NFL is the hardest thing to do in sports. It is exponentially harder to do when your team lacks talent and also lacks continuity. Bradford is in his 3rd offense in his third year. We should at least give him until the end of the year to finally judge his performance.

Now should we all not be critical of Sam this year? No. Hell no, but we must be fair. We have to look at his performance, instead of looking for the bad things in his performance.

Overall, this all comes down to one word; patience. As Rams fans we must show more, even though that is the hardest thing to do right now. The team needs it, and most importantly we all need it. Rome wasn't build in a day ya know?

*Sidenote* This is not an apology. I'm a 19 year old sports fan with access to the internet and people who will listen to me. I regret nothing. Don't blame me, blame the people who are crazy enough to give 19 year olds the power to do this *cough* Ryan *cough*.