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Short And To The Point With Jeff Fisher

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Jeff Fisher's Friday afternoon press conference remind me of, well, it reminded me of my first time. Except it wasn't awkward ... or angst-ridden ... and "Pump Up The Volume" with Christian Slater wasn't playing in the background. So, it was really nothing like that, except short and to the point.

The St. Louis Rams head coach was doubtlessly as annoyed answering the same questions for a fifth time as what's her name was on my fifth, desperate callback days after the deflowering.

Seriously, someone asked Fisher if the players were excited for their home opener. I'd be pretty short and the point too.

A look at the coach's short and sweet presser after the jump.

(On T Rodger Saffold)
"He was full practice today. He'll be listed as questionable for the game. He participated in everything today."

(On Redskins LBs Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo)
"They're both very, very good players in their defense. First off, they're good run defenders and then they can pressure and they create problems on the edge. You have to do whatever you can to create the matchup. A running back... those types of pass rushers are not a really good matchup all day. So, you try to avoid that."

(On if they are excited for the home opener on Sunday)
"Yeah, the players are excited. They're clearly excited about being able to officially open the season here on Sunday in front of our fans. They're expecting good things."

(On LB London Fletcher)
"He's done a great job. I kind of felt like Ray Lewis is the guy that gets all the attention - and deservedly so - for playing as long and at a high level as he has, but we can't forget about London's accomplishments over his period of time."