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Random Ramsdom for Friday 9/14/2012: Crown Him, Rams Offense, and Taco Meat Tuesdays Return!

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Happy Friday Ram Nation! The eyes of the professional football world will be on St. Louis this Sunday, and unfortunately for the Rams the reason is not on our side of the field. Apparently Robert Griffin III is the second coming of Fran Tarkenton, and the love child of Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, and Dan Marino. Hopefully this Sunday, the Ram's suddenly tight defense can pump the brakes on the RGIII fan fest, and proclaim this. Of course, just replace "they" with "him".

On to the linkage!

Foosball News:

Green Bay is Good
Last night the football world was turned up side down when the Green Bay Packers thumped the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football. Green Bay dominated this game much more than the score will tell you. The Green Bay defense effectively shut down the dynamic duo of Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, limiting Cutler to just 126 yards and under 50% pass completion, and Marshall to a pathetic two catches for 24 yards. Matt Forte also got stuffed running the rock, only managing 31 yards. Michael Bush only eeked out 54 yards on 14 carries.

Rams Offense Needs to Wake-up
Over at the BR Mack Rosenberg hits the nail on the head with one of the most important keys to the game for the Ram's Sunday contest against the Redskins, albeit an obvious one.The offense must perform! If the defense plays as well as they did in Detroit last week, the Rams will simply have to fire off on the offensive side of the ball. Failing to contain RGIII won't be what kills the Rams. The nail in the coffin will be an ineffective offense. We saw flashes of potential against the Lions, and if Sam Bradford and the rest of the offense can get into the end zone a few times against a stout Redskins defense, the Rams could squeak out of the Ed with a victory.

Bradford vs RGIII
Whether we as fans want to admit it or not, we will be comparing the performance of RGIII and Bradford. The media will be as well. Bradford, entering his third year as a starter is by many accounts already in a prove it situation; even though we as fans know there are a few extenuating circumstances. RGIII on the other hand, is under the "he's just a rookie" moniker and can be allowed to struggle. Regardless of these facts, we will be comparing the hot handed rookie with the veteran QB and holding our head in our hands if
Bradford under-performs.

Garcon Means Boy
One of RGIII's targets may have to sit out Sunday. Not that we want players to stay injured, but what's one more day in the grand scheme of things right? And yes, Garcon does mean boy!

Fan Favorite Returns
The Ram's offensive line continues the injury parade, and one of our favorite preseason starters is back with the club. I for one am happy about this. Of course I would like for everyone to be healthy, but purely from a performance perspective, Ojinnaka played very well in the preseason, and should be solid on the line. After all, he is being given a second chance with the organization. This could prove to be a good thing for the Rams down the road. Glad I didn't unfollow him on Twitter when he was cut!

Defensive Tackle Anyone?
Does this make any sense when our depth is so shallow already? Maybe this signals some of our walking wounded are prepared to return sooner than expected?

Jenkins Jabbers with Former Teammate
Janoris Jenkins had a little friendly rivalry going on in Detroit with former teammate Bill Bentley. The two played high school ball together. Jenkins said in reference to the rivalry:

We were just talking trash until the game. We both knew we were going to get thrown at a lot, so we were like, 'Let's see who makes the most plays.

Detroit had the chance to snag Jenkins in the draft. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz acknowledged Jenkins talent:

It looks like they found themselves a good one.

The Lions likely passed on Jenkins due to the personal issues surrounding him. Jeff Fisher seems to think he and the FO made a good decision:

We did our due diligence, we did our research and, at the end of the day, we were very, very excited about having the opportunity to draft him, and he's exceeded our expectations at this point. He's a great young man, and he loves football, and he's very intelligent. He's going to have a great career.

Random Randomness:

I Gotta Pee!
What is it about the image of an old lady and a cop that automatically makes me giggle? In Texas, anything goes with Granny!

You Gotta Laugh Sometimes
We are not a forum for political discussion. That being said, we are in the midst of an election cycle. Elections make for some good humor. Click on for some of the funniest political cartoons so far this year.

Video Time:

Ride With Care

Taco Anyone?

That's all for today folks! And of course, your weekly RATM: