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NFL Picks, Week 2: Everyone Loves RGIII


The St. Louis Rams aren't finding many takers this week. Three-point underdogs at home, most experts seem to be picking RGIII and the Redskins to spoil the home opener at the Edward Jones Dome. Let's take a quick look at the predictions.

Joel Thorman at SB Nation sides with Washington:

The Redskins have a quarterback that everyone loves and they're a 3-point road favorite. When's the last time that happened?

The Pick: 31-17, Redskins

The Rams get one vote from ESPN's panel of experts this week. Even the computers are picking against them.

CBS splits their picks, with four going with the Rams this week, versus five for the Redskins.

More love for RGIII over at The Sporting News. Vinnie Iyer picks the Redskins by 10 points.

Call this the RGIII Regrets Bowl. The fake 'staches will be out in full force for Jeff Fisher's home debut as Rams coach, but selecting Robert Griffin III at No. 2 overall would have been a lot better promotion. Instead, it's Griffin, as the Redskins' promising franchise quarterback with another chance to use his speed and deep passing skills in a road dome. He'll lap Sam Bradford and St. Louis' offense early, and its defense will fold late against Washington's traditional running game. Redskins 30, Rams 20.

Who are you picking this week?