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Jeff Fisher: 'If A Guy's Got A Mustache, He Automatically Passes The Wonderlic'

I'm Jeff Fisher, and I have a mustache.
I'm Jeff Fisher, and I have a mustache.

Jeff Fisher's mustache has become a symbol of hope for the St. Louis Rams, an icon of confident and competent leadership at Rams Park, something that's been criminally missing over the years, with a few notable exceptions (worth noting that Jay Zygmunt did not have a mustache).

The fine folks from the American Mustache Institute sat down with Jeff Fisher recently for a hard-hitting interview of the uphill climb mustachioed Americans face in the NFL world.

Good stuff as always passed along from our friends at Joe Sports Fan. Be sure to head over there for lots more and check out their podcast.

"If a guy's got a mustache, he automatically passes the wonderlic test, with flying colors," Fisher said in the interview.

The Rams got some more mustache insight themselves, getting their players to talk about the power of the mustache.

Don't forget, the home opener this week will be heavy on hairy lips. Don't miss it.