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Starring Terrance Ganaway As RGIII

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Playing the role of Robert Griffin III this week at Rams Park is running back Terrance Ganaway. It's a limited engagement, and, unfortunately, one that only very select few will get to see. Hopefully, Ganaway's turn as the runaway hit of the 2012 NFL Draft overshadows that of his former Baylor teammate.

RGIII caught up with his old college teammate this week, ahead of the St. Louis Rams home opener against the Washington Redskins. That's when Ganaway revealed his new role.

"Yes, I had a chance to talk to him," Griffin said. "He joked and then told me that they got him playing scout team quarterback this week. I'm sure they're grilling him about everything about me, but he's a friend and hopefully he'll get to play and be active this week, but besides that we both know what the deal is. We're on separate teams and we've got to play against each other."

Ganaway isn't the only connection RGIII has with the Rams, aside from that whole franchise-changing trade thing. He trained with Janoris Jenkins in the offseason, prepping for the draft. They trained at API in Phoenix.

"He's a talented guy," Griffin said of Jenkins. "He's got the speed. He's got the agility to break on whatever he needs to break on and he's definitely got the confidence. You're not going to find a shortage of talent in this league and Janoris is definitely a talented guy."

Jenkins and his teammates are seeing plenty of RGIII this week in practice, on film and in the form of his old college teammate.

Trivial, but interesting anecdotes aside, Ganaway's star turn and Jenkins opposing role are a reminder of just how thorough Jeff Fisher's team is in its preparations. Every team in the league does its work in the film room and running a practice squad. Fisher's Rams have seemed to go deeper into their subjects.

Three interceptions last week were the most tangible bounty of knowing where Matthew Stafford was going to throw before he did. Going back to the Baylor connection will provide even more insight into their opponent. Mike Shanahan confessed on Wednesday to incorporating the Baylor playbook into his own, part of the plan to transition his quarterback.

The question on the minds of critics and fans alike is just how far Fisher's fastidious preparations, and Ganaway's new role, will take them this week and into December.