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Random Ramsdom 09/13/12: Rams v. Redskins, NFL Power Rankings, and Gettin Dirty at the Carwash

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Good Thursday, Rams fans! As always, I hope this morning finds you well. It seems as though there's a roller coaster of emotions on the backside of this weeks hump day. The Rams, by all accounts, had a promising week one, albeit a loss. We had some unfortunate injuries to an already shaky line, but there's a glimmer of hope that Saffold could return, and talk of Robert Griffin III is unconscionable. In the media, the Rams stand no chance this Sunday against the Washington Griffins.

As we near week two's game against the Redskins, RG3's debut performance is shooting the Redskins up power rankings, and from what I can gather, making it an easy decision to make the Rams the loser in their home opener. The Rams are far superior than the Saints on defense. The Saints have no defense. There, I said it. Zero chance they're putting up 40 on this squad.

At any rate, I don't normally take the intro in the Random Ramsdom's to express my opinions, but felt it necessary to point out the obvious, I suppose. We stand a very good chance, at home, of taking this game. For something more concrete, today is International Chocolate Day, and National Peanut Day…go punish some Reese's Cups, and don't feel bad about it.

In Rams News…

No, The Rams Shouldn't Have Traded Bradford, and Drafted RG3

… At least that's what Howard Balzer is saying. I'm sure there are some who are panicking already that may disagree. Balzer provides you with plenty of reasons to stay calm, the Rams third down woes, the potential for Wells' return, and simply put… how these aren't the Rams of 2011.

CBS Sports Previews the Rams v. Redskins Game

If you had to guess whose name this article might as well be about, who would you guess? I'll give you a hint, it includes 'III.' After saying the same thing that every article about the rookie quarterback says, they get some thoughts from Shanny, then begrudgingly discuss the Rams/Lions game. To top it off, they call our left tackle 'Safford.'

Get Your Ticket! Rams vs. Robert Griffin III And the Redskins Not Yet Sold Out

Having won 15 games in a five year span certainly won't place a ticket to a Rams game in high demand. Surprisingly, though, with all that's occurred this offseason - with the coaching changes, and draft - this season's home-opener still leaves a some seats available.

Even more surprising is that the RG3 hype tsunami hasn't struck St. Louis. Haven't you gotten the latest Sports Illustrated?!? And they're giving away Fisher Staches people!

Bleacher Reports David Heeb Is A Fan Of Sam Bradford

Apologist, I believe, is the more familiar term. If you've defended Bradford in the past, and will continue to do so in the future, you'll love this read from David Heeb at BR. Heeb feels that the Rams still have the right QB in place, and that taking RG3 in the draft would've been downright wrong. Different coordinators, last years lockout, poor line play, blah, blah, blah. There's also a poll for you to vote. When I did…it was a landslide.

A Whole Slew of Week 2 Power Rankings

SB Nation, ESPN, Brian Billick at Fox Sports, Pete Prisco at CBS Sports, Bleacher Report showing the Rams some love. Yahoo! Sports, and has them as high as 24, and as low as 29. The message seems to be that the Rams look improved, but the road back to legitimacy might be a long one. Where do you rank them? Keep a barf bag handy, because the 49ers are atop these lists.

Recycling TST: You're A Rams Fan….What've You Got To Show For It… In 2012

September 13, 2011…one year ago, to the day. Mr. Van Bibber opens up about his Ram fandom, and challenges the TSTer's to prove their own. Fan's show off their fancy Rams getup, as well as their young-ins. Jerseys are now made by Nike, and you've had a Christmas to gather more Ram's goodies. Is there anything you want to show off, and what's your story of Ram-Fandomonium?

In Sporting News…

Green Bay finds themselves in last place in the division. Will that continue into week three? The Chicago Bears looked dominant in their season opener, and will certainly prove to be no easy test for the Packers in Week 2. Tough schedule for Aaron Rodgers and Co. to start the season.

Week 2back to top "
Chicago at Green Bay 8:20 PM NFL Tickets Lambeau Field

This Is How The Washington Nationals Prepare For The Playoffs

If you follow baseball, then you know that the Nationals have had to shut down one of baseball's best - Stephen Strasburg - for the remainder of the season, due to reaching his innings limit. In an effort to preserve his arm for the future, the innings limit was set to ensure that his return from Tommy John surgery didn't potentially re-agrivate the ligament. Oddly enough, the only way the team could find to maintain mental strength was to slap on some leotards and wander around in public.

How The Rest Of The Nation Perceives Your NFL Team

If you had to utilize wit to summarize each NFL team in a line or two, how would you do it? Well, if you can't - or don't want to - just hit the link and let Sports Pickle do it for you. What do they have to say about your Rams?

Here Are 21 Of The Worst Replacement Ref Gaffes From Week 1

Here are 21 short videos of Week One's biggest replacement referee blunders. It's getting out of control, and what we used to find funny during the preseason, is taking it's toll during the regular season. It's easy to point to win's or losses and use these backup refs as excuses, but you can't. You will see a very familiar play during the Rams v. Lions game, along with 20 others. I'm beginning to wonder if some of these refs didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night…

Plain Ol Random…

Get Your Car Clean While You Get Dirty

It's not easy being a small business owner. I'm not one, I just know that I can say it and not be inaccurate. But I digress…In Malaysia, a car wash owner has created one heck of an incentive for you to get your car washed, and get it washed often. You'll pay for the six, seventh, and even the eight…but on that ninth wash, you'll be gettin down and dirty!

Sarah McLachlin Needs To Add This Image To Her Unwatchable Animal Commercials

"Freeze! Put your hands up and take the puppy out of your pants!" If I put myself in this Chihuahua's very tiny puppy shoes, I'm not sure that I survive this situation. If you've got your hands in the air, there's only one way to get a dog out of your pants…the stanky leg

Things To Keep In Your Attic: Ex-Boyfriends

Love bites. Breaking up is hard to do. And when really old songs about love don't cure your heartbreak, you find a happy place. And if you can't find Shooter McGavin or a member of Kiss, might as well move into her attic…12 years later. Good vantage point, ya know?

Jeff Fisher Wants You To Know Your Stache…

The Horseshoe: A couple of weeks ago, we covered the Jeff Fisher special; the Chevron. A perfectly trimmed, luscious stache that covers the entirety of the upper lip, and probably gets you coyote ugly or six.

The Horseshoe, however, is a result of one of two things: You're stache has a mind of it's own and wants to 'think outside the lip,' or you're lazy, and let gravity take it's toll. No matter the reason, it's popular. When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside…

On This Day In Sports History…

1909 - Ty Cobb clinches AL HR title with his 9th HR (all inside-the-park)
1932 - NY Yankees clinch their 7th AL pennant
1949 - Ladies Pro Golf Association of America formed in NYC
1958 - Braves Warren Spahn is 1st lefty to win 20 or more games 9 times
1965 - Willie May's 500th HR (off Don Nottebart), Giants 11th straight win
1969 - Bobby Bonds is baseballs 4th 30-HR, 30-steal player
1981 - Atlanta Falcons tie record of 31 points in 4th quarter (vs Green Bay)
1983 - Oakland's Rickey Henderson's 3rd straight 100 steals for season
1992 - 112th US Mens Tennis: Stefan Edberg beats Pete Sampras
1997 - Carolina Hurricane's 1st exhibition game beat NY Islanders 4-1

Happy Birthday To…

1925 - Mel Torme, The Velvet Fog. Jazz Musician, Actor, and Author
1967 - Michael Johson, four-time Olympic & eight-time World Championship gold medal winner
1968 - Bernie Williams, NY Yankees outfielder. Five time all-star
1968 - Brad Johnson, NFL quarterback
1974 - Travis Knight, NBA center
1980 - Ben Savage, Topanga's boyfriend
1982 - Nenê, Brazilian basketball player
1982 - Rickie Weeks, American baseball player