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NFL Fantasy Football - Speaking of Moves...


Alfred Morris... Alfred? Yup, he's hotter than the Sun today in Fantasy Football. Alfred... He sounds more like Batman's butler, but there you are... According to Rotowire, he's the new starting running back for the Washington Redskins. How much you can count on Mike Shanahan's fickled runningback confidence is one thing you may want to consider though? Morris has been added by 288,819 teams at Yahoo Fantasy Football alone.

"According to coach Mike Shanahan, Morris "right now, is our starting running back," Grant Paulsen of 106.7 THE FAN in DC reports."

I mentioned Stephen Hill ( added by 212,362 at Yahoo) yesterday, and he's turned into another hot property along with Lance Moore. I think Moore has a chance to be this year's Jordy Nelson in production. Need some help sifting through players? I found this cool little widget from numberFire, so have a peek after the break.

I'm always on the look out for other FF information sources, and I think I'll keep this one handy. Give it a try when you get a moment.

P.S. - Randle Cobb may want to be on your FF radar too.