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Steven Jackson: 'Very Optimistic' About A Young Team

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Much has been made about the relative youth of the St. Louis Rams. Running back Steven Jackson doesn't see a disadvantage in being the youngest team in the NFL right now.

In a Wednesday morning appearance on 101 ESPN, Jackson had this to say about the Rams' loss in Detroit last week:

"I was encouraged to see the way the guys immediately competed. Being a young team, seeing guys play at a high level and not back down from a tough, physical playoff team that was the Detroit Lions. We take no moral victory from it but we know that we have plenty of opportunities to get better. That being said, we made mistakes, and had we corrected the mistakes we would have won the game."

One of the most notable things about Fisher's team on Sunday is just how well prepared they were for the Lions. They had Matthew Stafford's plays and tendencies down to the mili-second. That bodes well for their ability to bounce back and learn from the mistakes they did make. Jackson pointed out that in his interview:

"Seeing all the mistakes that we made and only losing by a small amount, that makes me still very optimistic about where we're going and where we're headed."